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The end of the school year and our big family vacation are coming up at a rapid pace. I feel like if I blink I will miss an entire day.  Apparently, I did a good bit of blinking, because the blog has not been updated in oh…some time.

In no particular order:

I finally finished the Girasole baby blanket for a friend’s upcoming baby girl. We hosted the shower on Monday and it was lovely. Here is the cake (I didn’t make it!!)

The gorgeous cake Laurie made!

And here is the finished (and finally blocked) blanket:

Ready to gift

65" across, 1450+ yards of DK/nearly worsted weight handspun from 20 oz. of superwash merino fiber

Also finished recently, the pink handspun Wurm (my new favorite go-to pattern!)

Pink handspun Wurm

And finally some yarns:

350 yards, fingering weight singles

Singles from Enchanted Knoll Farms (www.enchantedknoll.etsy.com) in superwash merino with sparkles & silk. Colorway “Spice Trade”

284 yards, 70 % merino/30 % nylon fiber

Merino/Nylon sock yarn in “Midnight Tide” up for sale in my etsy store (http://www.micamynx.etsy.com)

150 yards of nplied Merino/cashmere

Some merino/cashmere I dyed and spun.

238 yards worsted weight 2 ply

Some scrumpdillicious Pigeonroof Studios in 70%merino/30%silk.  http://www.pigeonroofstudios.etsy.com

And finally-I just finished this braid of Finn I dyed:

Finn handdyed by me

And spun it into laceweight singles to make a colorblock Citron shawl (I think!):

580 yards laceweight singles

There is also another Wurm finished (in some yummy SkeinQueen MCN) but I haven’t managed to get a model for it yet. It is yellow and no one wants to wear it!

I finally managed to dye some wool & like a good girl (well a good girl who needs fiber funds, anyway) I put almost all of it in the etsy shop (www.micamynx.etsy.com) There is some superwash merino:

Larceny- superwash merino

There was some merino/cashmere, but it got scooped up already.  Still some Rambouillet:


and some 80% merino/20% silk:

Merino/Silk- "Not Guilty"

On the spinning front- I just finished this gorgeous AllSpunUp merino/silk for my friend Kim:

AllSpunUp merino/silk in pinks/browns/grays 430 yds fingering wht.


Posted on: April 30, 2010

This is the aptly named Bliss fiber from Enchanted Knoll Farms (www.enchantedknoll.etsy.com).  It is a heavenly blend of 65% merino/35% silk in lovely colorways.  This colorway is Terra and it spun into this:

Laceweight 2 ply "Terra"


On a non-fiber note-here is what I found on the deck yesterday morning as I was hanging yarn out to dry:

I love his green-ness!

I also had to snap the goober boys under my desk:

I think they look kind of snotty.

Finally, the never ending saga of the handspun baby blanket Girasole continues. I ran out of yarn AGAIN! I still have 4 rows of the second repeat of the last chart AND the edging to do. sigh.  Back to the wheel.  But here is a progress photo:

Girasole in JulieSpins' Perfect Pastel handspun

Work has picked up a bunch lately and I find my time split between jails & courts (I am a criminal defense attorney) and spinning & dyeing.  My mind is so twisted that I had a thought of naming my handspun & handdyed after certain crimes. Or maybe provisions from the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Would you want to knit with “Armed Career Criminal” or spin up a little “Mitigating Role”? Hmmm…could happen yet!

So before I am off to court today, I managed to photograph my last couple of spins, both from my handdyed.

This is Murky Maraschino, in that deliciously smooshy & soft superwash merino-19 microns-seriously yummy!

84 yards Bulky N-plied SW Merino

And this is my first spin of Targhee.  I like the Targhee, it spins a little like Falkland. I got amazingly good yardage from 3.7 ounces (and I still had a small bit of singles left over that I managed to tangle up & get too frustrated with to ply up!) This is some of the combed top that Kacy helped me dye the other day.  It is in the shop (www.micamynx.etsy.com) because I have too many knitting obligations right now, otherwise it would be a shawl or cardigan yoke.

"TIMID" 368 yards 2-ply DK/Sport weight Targhee

The biggest, fattest, smooshiest skein of yarn I have spun yet:

Seriously-look at this sucker!

This is 580 yards of 2 ply fingering weight JulieSpins superwash merino. Pictured above with a leftover singles bobbin for scale. I still have about 5 ounces left to spin! Yowzers!

Close-up colorway is "Perfect Pastels"

I know, not even witty really. I just can’t help myself.

Yesterday, thanks to a recalcitrant client and an unexpectedly warm & sunny South Carolina day, I was able to dye a little fiber.  All SW merino. No kettle dyeing, just painting. I plum tickled with a few of them & mostly pleased all together. Here is a sampler of almost all (I had a few little 1-2 0z. samplers that I didn’t photo. They were my favorites too!)

SW merino dyed 2-23-10

I am still spinning like crazy, but it took me days to finish 4oz of singles in Into The Whirled’s Merino/Bamboo blend. They are still hanging out on the bobbin. I am pretty sure it will make a lovely 2 ply laceweight, but I haven’t plied it yet.  I then ran to my fiber closet (okay, it is really my closet, but I keep all the fiber in there stashed everywhere!) and while muttering “I need a nice merino to spin” I grabbed some Southern Cross Fiber merino in the colorway Cairns. I didn’t take a nice stash photo or I would post it. David, of SCF, is an incredible dyer and his fiber prep is amazing.  One of these days I will figure out how to make my fiber look so lovely at the end of the process too!

And I got included in an etsy treasury today! Check it out!


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