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All this lovely weather and sunny skies has me jonesing to dye some fiber. Unfortunately work has kept me from the dye pots. But hopefully soon. My friend Kim even sent me some undyed Wensleydale to try out. I love spinning Wensleydale, but I have not dyed it before. I also haven’t managed to knit any yet.

Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity, including prom for the 16 year old—

I got some awesome socks from Megan in MN (I knit her a shawl-she knit me socks) They are made from Bugga in Breyer’s Scarab Beetle. Yes, it is yarn named after various bugs. But it is scrumptious. It has 20% cashmere, unlike the usual MCN’s that have 10% cashmere so it is cuddly soft and the colors are amazing.

Arbitrary house photo….my favorite part of the kitchen

Close-up of the Wollmeise lace in “Orient”-tons of stockinette stitch, but I think it will be a lovely cardigan at some point-

And my first spin of Jacob wool. This is some mixed Jacob, dyed by the talented and super nice David of in the April club colorway “Charred”. I enjoyed the spin, but Jacob is a bit scratchy for my tastes.



I love Shetland for shawls. It has just enough halo to looks soft, yet has gorgeous stitch definition and blocks beautifully! Look at this edging:


Wound up this skein of Madelinetosh Merino Lite yesterday and started a little eyelet yoke baby cardigan:

The colorway is “Molly Ringwald”…doesn’t get much more girly than that, eh?

I am off to a legal seminar for the next few days. No spinning, but plenty of knitting time.

Not totally a fail because the shawlette is really pretty, but I ran out of shawl before I got to the last color in the color progression skein. Oops. I probably should have figured out how do a few more repeats of the pattern before the edging, but the designer had actually cautioned against such a thing in a Ravelry thread. That cautionary advise combined with my own ability to mess up math calculations with wild abandon and my inherent laziness made me knit to pattern.

Here is a blocking photo of the shawl with the leftover yarn (see the blue???)

Some of the latest spins and plans for them:

600 yards of Shetland singles from Southern Cross Fibre, Club fiber “Island Paradise”. Currently knitting into a Limeade Fizz Shawl-a new pattern by the Sexy Knitter.

This is 200 yards of fat squishy yumminess:

It is mixed merino from BeeMiceElf in the club colorway “Beloved Bard”. I spun it into a chain plied 6 ply by holding 2 singles together as I plied. It is a nifty trick for making thicker yarn with thin singles. I think it is probably destined to be a hat or some squishy mittens.

I have become enamored of true 3 plies lately too.


Like this one in Southern Cross Fibre, “Paua” in Falkland, 310 yards. Destined for socks.

Finally, check out this one-it’s a chain ply Polworth, but it is one of my own dye jobs:

I know, not even witty really. I just can’t help myself.

Yesterday, thanks to a recalcitrant client and an unexpectedly warm & sunny South Carolina day, I was able to dye a little fiber.  All SW merino. No kettle dyeing, just painting. I plum tickled with a few of them & mostly pleased all together. Here is a sampler of almost all (I had a few little 1-2 0z. samplers that I didn’t photo. They were my favorites too!)

SW merino dyed 2-23-10

I am still spinning like crazy, but it took me days to finish 4oz of singles in Into The Whirled’s Merino/Bamboo blend. They are still hanging out on the bobbin. I am pretty sure it will make a lovely 2 ply laceweight, but I haven’t plied it yet.  I then ran to my fiber closet (okay, it is really my closet, but I keep all the fiber in there stashed everywhere!) and while muttering “I need a nice merino to spin” I grabbed some Southern Cross Fiber merino in the colorway Cairns. I didn’t take a nice stash photo or I would post it. David, of SCF, is an incredible dyer and his fiber prep is amazing.  One of these days I will figure out how to make my fiber look so lovely at the end of the process too!

And I got included in an etsy treasury today! Check it out!


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