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Not totally a fail because the shawlette is really pretty, but I ran out of shawl before I got to the last color in the color progression skein. Oops. I probably should have figured out how do a few more repeats of the pattern before the edging, but the designer had actually cautioned against such a thing in a Ravelry thread. That cautionary advise combined with my own ability to mess up math calculations with wild abandon and my inherent laziness made me knit to pattern.

Here is a blocking photo of the shawl with the leftover yarn (see the blue???)

The end of the school year and our big family vacation are coming up at a rapid pace. I feel like if I blink I will miss an entire day.  Apparently, I did a good bit of blinking, because the blog has not been updated in oh…some time.

In no particular order:

I finally finished the Girasole baby blanket for a friend’s upcoming baby girl. We hosted the shower on Monday and it was lovely. Here is the cake (I didn’t make it!!)

The gorgeous cake Laurie made!

And here is the finished (and finally blocked) blanket:

Ready to gift

65" across, 1450+ yards of DK/nearly worsted weight handspun from 20 oz. of superwash merino fiber

Also finished recently, the pink handspun Wurm (my new favorite go-to pattern!)

Pink handspun Wurm

And finally some yarns:

350 yards, fingering weight singles

Singles from Enchanted Knoll Farms (www.enchantedknoll.etsy.com) in superwash merino with sparkles & silk. Colorway “Spice Trade”

284 yards, 70 % merino/30 % nylon fiber

Merino/Nylon sock yarn in “Midnight Tide” up for sale in my etsy store (http://www.micamynx.etsy.com)

150 yards of nplied Merino/cashmere

Some merino/cashmere I dyed and spun.

238 yards worsted weight 2 ply

Some scrumpdillicious Pigeonroof Studios in 70%merino/30%silk.  http://www.pigeonroofstudios.etsy.com

And finally-I just finished this braid of Finn I dyed:

Finn handdyed by me

And spun it into laceweight singles to make a colorblock Citron shawl (I think!):

580 yards laceweight singles

There is also another Wurm finished (in some yummy SkeinQueen MCN) but I haven’t managed to get a model for it yet. It is yellow and no one wants to wear it!

I started knitting the adorable Wurm hat this weekend. I claimed the yarn in a swap. The luxurious 50/50 Alpaca Merino from Plucky Knitter in the colorway “Ilsa Lund”:

Yummy yarn

I followed some modifications suggested by another Raveler and made this:

Me wearing the Wurm!

I have also been a little busy dyeing fiber

Fiber drying on my poor topless gazebo

 That is a photo of a pound of Finn (love Finn, can’t wait to spin it!) and 3/4 a pound of Rambouillet (my dyeing nemesis-it just makes everything rather pastel-like).  It dried today and it now looks like this:

Braids of Finn & Rambouillet

Most of it will go up in the etsy shop (www.micamynx.etsy.com) soon. I have lots more to dye too!

I also managed to finish some spinning. This is the superfine merino from BeeMiceElf in the November 2009 club colorway-“Traditions”. BeeMiceElf fibers are always amazing to spin and the colors are gorgeous. This one is no exception.

364 yards, 2 ply, DK weight

Oh and did I mention that I named all the newly dyed fiber after criminal law terms? Victim and Trespass are already sold before I even got them in the shop! Maybe crime does pay!

Last, but not least, I finally got this nommy braid of merino/cashmere/silk from Limegreenjelly (www.limegreenjelly.etsy.com) onto the wheel

A beautiful heap of fiber

As can be expected, it is spinning up beautifully! I must acquire more!

So soft!


Posted on: April 30, 2010

This is the aptly named Bliss fiber from Enchanted Knoll Farms (www.enchantedknoll.etsy.com).  It is a heavenly blend of 65% merino/35% silk in lovely colorways.  This colorway is Terra and it spun into this:

Laceweight 2 ply "Terra"


On a non-fiber note-here is what I found on the deck yesterday morning as I was hanging yarn out to dry:

I love his green-ness!

I also had to snap the goober boys under my desk:

I think they look kind of snotty.

Finally, the never ending saga of the handspun baby blanket Girasole continues. I ran out of yarn AGAIN! I still have 4 rows of the second repeat of the last chart AND the edging to do. sigh.  Back to the wheel.  But here is a progress photo:

Girasole in JulieSpins' Perfect Pastel handspun

I do have a finished object to share. This is the Tappan Zee sweater from the latest issue of Knitty.com.

Tappan Zee handspun sweater in BFL

I knit it using the BFL from JulieSpins in the unclub colorway “Autumn Glory”.  I had just enough to finish, with about 3 foot of some Malabrigo sock yarn used for the last 20 stitches on the bind off. Still, what a cool little sweater for only 648 yards of handspun!


I am still contemplating the closure.  I am actually toying with a zipper or perhaps a crocheted frog-type closure that echoes the diamond pattern of the yoke.  The color combination worked out perfectly with the lighter colored skein ending just before the end of the yoke (You can see one or two rows of the darker edging the sleeves). 

I am still spinning down the stash for trades.  I just completed this AllSpunUp 80% merino/20% silk

AllSpunUp merino/silk fiber

It spun up into 320 yards of lusciously soft & silky n-ply fingering weight:

320 yards n-ply sock weight

I am finishing up some yummy Enchanted Knoll Farms Bliss (65%merino/35% silk) today. It spun like a dream into teensy-tiny singles. I am plying it into a laceweight and it is coming out amazing!

Oh! I almost forgot. After some prodding from a Ravelry member (and rapidly becoming dear friend!) I have added my handspun yarns & handdyed rovings to the Rav yarn database. Yep, Micamynx is now a yarnie on Rav!  The coolest part, for me, is that when people link to the database I can see everyone’s projects made from yarn I created or fiber I dyed! http://www.ravelry.com/yarns/brands/micamynx

I also did a tiny bit of dyeing the other day.  I am waiting on my 5lb mega-order (a mega order for me!) from Paradise Fibers to arrive.  Until then, I over-dyed some MCN fiber I had botched previously and dyed this 80% merino/20% cashmere:

"Mitigation" merino/cashmere fiber

Not the Falklands-but Falkland wool. I got this in a trade & even though the colors were not necessarily what I would have chosen, it was very pretty fiber. I spun it up for Ravelympics and got this:

150 Yards n-plied DK weight

From FatCatKnits in the colorway "Buster"

These are the 4 skeins=650 yards of sport weight yarn I spun 2 ply from JulieSpins Autumn Glory BFL braids. It turned out simply stunning! I definitely see a color progression shawl in the future once I figure out a pattern!

Ravelympics totals thus far:

Completed yarns: 4

Completed yards: 1,552

Ounces spun: 18oz.

I have been a little blogging-lax lately.  Work has picked up and made increasing demands on my days and as usual, I spend as much “free” time as possible dyeing, knitting, spinning and talking about those activities on Ravelry.  My new batch of dyes arrived the beginning of this week, so I spent a morning playing.  I was thrilled to discover that Picasa has a lovely collage option. So without futher ado, my dyed fiber:

Micamynx Handdyed Fiber

These are from top left: Lily Pond (BFL), Queen of Hearts (SW Merino), Turmoil (Targhee), & Murky Maraschino (SW Merino)

Middle row: Pumpkin Patch (BFL) and far right middle Butternut Squash (Merino/Cashmere)

Bottom row from Left: Sunny Sorrel(Merino/Cashmere), Leap Frog (SW Merino) Barnwood (merino/Cashmere) &  Old Rug (BFL)

I also spun up the AllSpunUp Wensleydale  for the SAL (well, 4oz of it anyway). It is gorgeous and the singles are so pretty:

AllSpunUp Wensleydale in Blaze, Singles 460 yards

I also spun up the Gale’s Art 50/50 Merino/Silk in Merry Go Round colorway.  This fiber was amazingly smooth and lovely to spin. I spun very thin singles (probably my finest yet) and navajo plied it to preserve the jewel tone colorway.  I put it up on my etsy shop (www.micamynx.etsy.com) but I may take it down & knit it up.  Maybe a pair of bright stripey luxe socks?

3 ply (nplied) 326 yards 15/16 wpi

I also have a bobbin of singles of the Into the Whirled Jan/Feb SAL fiber that have been “resting” and will soon be nav-plied:

Into the Whirled "A Warm Return" SAL fiber

And finally, I am a mere 4 rows from finishing the Bitterroot shawl. Cross your fingers. You can bet I will plaster pictures of that bad boy everywhere when I finally finish it!

I finished up the Into the Whirled ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/IntoTheWhirled) merino/silk in “Intrepidity”.  It spun up into 501 yards of 2 ply fingering weight. It is really lovely and I will definitely be ordering more fiber from ITW.

Into the Whirled merino/silk "Intrepidity" 501 yards

Then that dang clown barfy MCN top I dyed at the start of the week just kept staring at me. I couldn’t for the life of me imagine what it would look like spun up, so next thing I know-it’s on the wheel!  I love MCN. I love to knit it, love to spin it and love to fondle it.  It spins up like a flippin’ dream, I tell ya!  And the clowny vomit top doesn’t look near as obnoxious once spun. I navajo plied it (mainly because I am too lazy to spin or wind onto 3 bobbins) and I got 228 yards. Probably not enough for socks (footies, anyone?) but it might make for a cool little beret.

"Funfetti" MCN sock yarn 228 yards

"Funfetti" MCN sock yarn

On the wheel now-The purple sw merino I dyed last month. I am trying to spin a thicker yarn- a bulky weight for an  Urchin beret (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/urchin)

Yesterday was my birthday & I spent at least part of the day spinning on my Lendrum.  Only fitting since the wheel was my birthday present.  But because I am horribly spoiled, I got a dozen roses too! 

Here are the latest yarns:

The JulieSpins merino roving in the colorway Polaris -It was 6.1 ounces (yet another reason to love JulieSpins, her rovings are usually always more than 4oz.) and I spun the singles laceweight. After 2-plying, I ended up with 610 yards of light fingering weight yarn! Wow! It is the most yarn I have spun yet! I managed to get it all on the large plying bobbin with room to spare. I think that sucker will hold 800-900 yards easy. 

Partial bobbin of singles

Large bobbin after plying

Big fat squishy skein!

I also spun up the Ashland Bay merino/tussah silk roving I got at SAFF.  I snagged it on my frantic runthrough.  Remember SAFF was pre-wheel, so I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get, but I had read a post on Ravelry that talked about how nice the Ashland Bay silk blend was to spin.  “Drafts like butter” stuck in my head. One vendor had a little over 3oz. left so I grabbed it.  I spun it into fingering weight singles with the intention of leaving it singles.  Unfortunately, I overspun it.  I think it will still be okay as a single yarn, but it would have been much prettier as a more loosely spun single.  Also, I did not find that it was all that wonderful to spin. It was nice, but not as nice as the indie dyed silk blends and seacell blends I have been spinning.


After-330 yards

I also spun up the playing with red & scarlet sw merino roving I dyed last week.  Here are the singles (again you can see my little overspinning tendency!)

Candy cane striped singles

I attempted to navajo ply this at first (mainly because after finishing that 610 yards of JulieSpins merino above, I was too lazy to wind this onto a second bobbin to 2 ply). Disaster. I am still not absolutely sure what happened, since I was able to successfully nav-ply the Dragonfly Fibers silk/merino earlier, but this time it was just a mess.  I used the regular plying head at the lowest (slowest) ratio and the yarn still got all crazy twisted up. My loop kept closing on my finger and I broke a nail trying to rush and stop the wheel. It was so bad that I just stopped, wound it off and decided to 2ply the remaining singles.  Managed to get 150 yards of DK/Sport weight in the 2 ply.  Probably could have been another 50 yards or so if I hadn’t mangled it.  Oh well, that is why I dyed up the merino to practice on.  The yarn is drying now after setting the twist last night.

ON THE WHEEL TODAY:  The Plucky Knitter sw merino in the Honey Wilkes colorway

The Plucky Knitter SW Merino "Honey Wilkes"



What to do when that pesky little career gets in the way of fun stuff? Procrastinate? Nah, I am all about taking “breaks” to knit and spin.  Which makes for pictures like this:

And yes, that is yet another pair of fingerless mitts from my new handspun.  I actually have 150 yards on this skein so I branched out from the Maine Morning Mitts to the ever-popular Fetching pattern.  I think that Fetching is the most popular pattern on Ravelry, beating out even the February Lady Sweater, Monkey socks and the ubiquitous Clapotis.

I got an email from Crown Mountain Fibers regarding my undyed wool order.  Apparently the cashmere/merino blend is still being blended at the mill and won’t ship until early December.  Oh well, maybe by early December I will be better prepared to dye & spin it and not screw it up.  The other two pounds of wool blends are on its’ way though! I can’t wait to dye roving again. 

Today is rainy and cruddy (thanks Ida!) but here are some photos I snapped yesterday of the handspun stash that has not been knitted yet.  This largely chronicles my handspinning escapades from drop spindle start to last week’s wheel spins.


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