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The end of the school year and our big family vacation are coming up at a rapid pace. I feel like if I blink I will miss an entire day.  Apparently, I did a good bit of blinking, because the blog has not been updated in oh…some time.

In no particular order:

I finally finished the Girasole baby blanket for a friend’s upcoming baby girl. We hosted the shower on Monday and it was lovely. Here is the cake (I didn’t make it!!)

The gorgeous cake Laurie made!

And here is the finished (and finally blocked) blanket:

Ready to gift

65" across, 1450+ yards of DK/nearly worsted weight handspun from 20 oz. of superwash merino fiber

Also finished recently, the pink handspun Wurm (my new favorite go-to pattern!)

Pink handspun Wurm

And finally some yarns:

350 yards, fingering weight singles

Singles from Enchanted Knoll Farms (www.enchantedknoll.etsy.com) in superwash merino with sparkles & silk. Colorway “Spice Trade”

284 yards, 70 % merino/30 % nylon fiber

Merino/Nylon sock yarn in “Midnight Tide” up for sale in my etsy store (http://www.micamynx.etsy.com)

150 yards of nplied Merino/cashmere

Some merino/cashmere I dyed and spun.

238 yards worsted weight 2 ply

Some scrumpdillicious Pigeonroof Studios in 70%merino/30%silk.  http://www.pigeonroofstudios.etsy.com

And finally-I just finished this braid of Finn I dyed:

Finn handdyed by me

And spun it into laceweight singles to make a colorblock Citron shawl (I think!):

580 yards laceweight singles

There is also another Wurm finished (in some yummy SkeinQueen MCN) but I haven’t managed to get a model for it yet. It is yellow and no one wants to wear it!

Home again! Cabo San Lucas was amazingly beautiful and peaceful, as usual. Got to see some awesome whale antics (including breaching!) and spent a romantic, disgustingly mushy and lovey week with my wonderful husband.  Two years and one month of marriage and we are still the couple that makes everyone gag with the lovey-dubby-ness!

Last night in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

So, back home & back to spinning! I missed my wheel while I was gone. With no spinning or knitting, my hands felt horribly idle.  The weather in South Carolina was cold & rainy when we got home, so the first thing I spun up was this bright and pretty merino from Gale’s Art (http://www.etsy.com/shop/galesart) in the Crayon Box colorway.

128 yards nav plied, worsted weight

Then I finished up the Merino/Bamboo from KnotMyDayJob on etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/KnotMyDayJob) in Pink Pander. I left it as laceweight singles and it is unbelievably lush and soft.  I carried it around all day yesterday.

752 yards Merino/Bamboo singles

I also spun up the MCN top that I dyed with Mom before I left for Mexico.  These colors turned out to blend very nicely and you can’t beat the MCN for softness and loft.

300 yards, fingering/sock weight "Placid"

I put the MCN up in the etsy shop (since I am currently hoarding several skeins of handspun MCN yarn!) and it sold within 12 hours. Wow!  It tickles me to know that people are going to knit with my handspun!

Finally, I scored a ton of lovely tops to spin before leaving:

8 oz. Wensleydale from AllSpunUp

8 oz. of “Blaze” Wensleydale from AllSpunUp

This Wensleydale is the Jan/Feb spin-a-long fiber from AllSpunUp (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Allspunup) and it is screaming to be made into a laceweight singles shawl!

These from Pigeonroof Studios (http://www.etsy.com/shop/pigeonroofstudios) in Merino:

SW Merino in "Ricochet" about 8.4 oz.

And, I scored the winning photo in the Into The Whirled Jan/Feb spin-a-long inspiration photo contest with this one of  Mom’s:

Original photo at photographybyjinx.zenfolio.com

Cris of Into the Whirled (http://www.etsy.com/shop/IntoTheWhirled) has dyed up a special merino top using that photo as inspiration.  The good news? I snagged a free 4oz braid of it and ordered another 4oz braid too! The best news? Cris has already shipped it (along with another couple of purchases!)  I am stuck in the cone of silence until Feburary 1, 2010, but you can bet that I will be posting all about it on that date! 

So I think I managed to catch up a little.  I am still not quite finished with the Bitterroot shawl (that sucker is taking forever to knit! I am spoiled by quick little Ishbels!) and I have some court time coming up that is going to seriously eat into my yarn/fiber time.  I do still have a POUND of Merino/Cashmere, a POUND of Targhee and 3 (yes, 3!!) POUNDS of superwash merino to dye.  Between that and my fav indie dyers I should be able to keep the etsy shop stocked for awhile!

I have been a little lax on my blogging and I am getting ready to disappear for a week to paradise.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

But I got a nice treat, my Mom came down a few days early (she is staying with the girls and the furry boys while Lake & I go to Cabo) and I had her all to myself for a change!  So yesterday we spent-dyeing wool!  Mom is a photographer (see some of her awesome photos at www.photographybyjinx.zenfolio.com) and she picked out the color combinations.  The first 3 are BFL combed top:

Looks like a faded rug

pumkin patch

Lily pond

 The next two are MCN combed top that I buy from a lady on Etsy.  The top is fantastic and makes luscious sock yarn, but it comes in several pieces so you can never photograph it in pretty braids.  But it is heavenly to spin!


Mardi Gras


I also managed to spin up a little art yarn over the last week, thanks to the awesome article on coils in the new issue of Spin-Off magazine.

The purple is some superwash merino from Pigeonroof Studios plied with some of the Spinners Hill purple sw merino I spun on my drop spindle back in August.  The two make a pretty color combination and the yarn is uber-soft & squishy. I am just not sure what one makes with art yarn.  Those coils are cool, but a little awkward on the needles.

Some of my handdyed BFL

Superwash BFL dyed by me

The yarn dyeing went so well that I ordered 3lbs of superwash merino for Mom to dye while we are in Cabo! That should keep me spinning for awhile! Mom also tried the drop spindle and immediately asked to try the wheel.  She spun a little bit but got frustrated because it was thick and thin. Hopefully she will give it another go while she is babysitting!

Uh-oh. It is nearly Christmas. Have I finished any Christmas knitting? Nope.  I started spinning and stopped knitting for the most part. My bad. So now I am scrambling.  Did I also mention that I forgot to start Christmas shopping as well?  Oh boy.  Wish me luck this week.

In the meantime, the etsy shop is doing A-ok.  I have sold 3 skeins of handspun thus far. I think this is a good thing.  I can’t wait to see the feedback (cross your fingers!) Here are the latest off the wheel:

Pigeonroof Studios sw merino 2 ply


This is the 160 yards of mostly worsted weight yarn I spun from this roving:

Pigeonroof roving

Isn’t is gorgeous? The roving and the resulting yarn! I can’t wait to spin up some more Pigeonroof.

I also finished plucking the candle wax from my handdyed BFL roving (remember the great candle wax incident?). I ended up having to trash some of the roving (sucked!) but still managed to spin up this:

114 yards nav-plied

And I spun up my purple handdyed superwash roving:

Handdyed SW merino

Into 189 yards of 2 ply sport weight. It turned out heathered and it is a really pretty yarn.

189 yard 2 ply

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