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All this lovely weather and sunny skies has me jonesing to dye some fiber. Unfortunately work has kept me from the dye pots. But hopefully soon. My friend Kim even sent me some undyed Wensleydale to try out. I love spinning Wensleydale, but I have not dyed it before. I also haven’t managed to knit any yet.

Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity, including prom for the 16 year old—

I got some awesome socks from Megan in MN (I knit her a shawl-she knit me socks) They are made from Bugga in Breyer’s Scarab Beetle. Yes, it is yarn named after various bugs. But it is scrumptious. It has 20% cashmere, unlike the usual MCN’s that have 10% cashmere so it is cuddly soft and the colors are amazing.

Arbitrary house photo….my favorite part of the kitchen

Close-up of the Wollmeise lace in “Orient”-tons of stockinette stitch, but I think it will be a lovely cardigan at some point-

And my first spin of Jacob wool. This is some mixed Jacob, dyed by the talented and super nice David of in the April club colorway “Charred”. I enjoyed the spin, but Jacob is a bit scratchy for my tastes.



pretty clown barf

Before I get to the clown barf, I have a little catching up to do.  Once again that pesky law career has intruded on my spinning, knitting & dyeing!

After I finished the lovely BFL, I got brave and went digging for the 4oz of MCN (merino, cashmere, nylon) top from Squoosh that I acquired about 3 months ago in anticipation of spinning sock yarn.  I wanted to spin it in a true 3-ply (my first).  The plan was to spin 3 bobbins full of singles and then stick all three bobbins on the lazy kate and ply away.  Unfortunately, I got a little antsy and decided that there was no way I was going to get 350+ yards of 3-ply. So, I broke down and just did a 2 -ply.  I wanted the 3 ply because good long-wearing socks need a nice 3 ply, but more importantly for me, I wanted a nice rounded yarn.  So despite the slight ply-fail, this is what I ended up with:

452 yards of sock yarn!

MCN top from Squoosh-Voltage colorway

Now, about that clown barf & candle wax-

I finally had a chunk of time & sunshine so I decided to dye up some of the rovings lingering in the closet.  I snagged a couple of pounds of superwash BFL from a destash and I figured I would not screw it up too badly.  I dyed up two 4oz. braids of the SW BFL.  One in some greens (spent an hour figuring out how to mix the greens I wanted):

Grassy knoll-SW BFL

And one in kettle dyed blues that I spiced up with some crimson/magenta handpainting.  Unfortunately when this one was drying over by the fireplace-my lovely decorative mantel candles decided to give up the ghost and melt! Hot wax dripped off the mantel onto my precious freshly-dyed BFL! You can see a few droplets in the picture below.  I was too disgusted to pick off all the wax before photographing. 

handdyed sw bfl top (with wax!)

I actually had a bit of dye left over and I was feeling awfully brave (this was prior to the candle wax fiasco) so I broke out the undyed MCN top I scored on etsy.  I figured sock yarn just screams for bright colors so I dyed some clown barf-

Funfetti handdyed mcn

I also spun up a little mini-roving of Wensleydale that was included as a freebie in my Into the Whirled order.  I would like to spin more of the Wensleydale.  I think it would make a nice shawl or cowl yarn in laceweight-ish singles (in a different colorway though!) 

Wensleydale-fresh singles-mini-skein

On the wheel:

Into the Whirled Merino/Silk top-Intrepidity

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