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All this lovely weather and sunny skies has me jonesing to dye some fiber. Unfortunately work has kept me from the dye pots. But hopefully soon. My friend Kim even sent me some undyed Wensleydale to try out. I love spinning Wensleydale, but I have not dyed it before. I also haven’t managed to knit any yet.

Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity, including prom for the 16 year old—

I got some awesome socks from Megan in MN (I knit her a shawl-she knit me socks) They are made from Bugga in Breyer’s Scarab Beetle. Yes, it is yarn named after various bugs. But it is scrumptious. It has 20% cashmere, unlike the usual MCN’s that have 10% cashmere so it is cuddly soft and the colors are amazing.

Arbitrary house photo….my favorite part of the kitchen

Close-up of the Wollmeise lace in “Orient”-tons of stockinette stitch, but I think it will be a lovely cardigan at some point-

And my first spin of Jacob wool. This is some mixed Jacob, dyed by the talented and super nice David of in the April club colorway “Charred”. I enjoyed the spin, but Jacob is a bit scratchy for my tastes.



I forgot to shamelessly post my completely Lacey Baktus scarf I finished over Christmas.  The yarn is my handspun BeeMiceElf merino in the Floribunda colorway.  I actually had this yarn listed for sale on the etsy shop (www.micamynx.etsy.com) and then I took it down so I could knit it up!  I think that may be my modus operandi-maybe I will start listing everything and if it doesn’t get snapped up, I will unlist it & knit it at will! This yarn striped beautifully at the beginning, but once the stripe mojo left, I couldn’t get it back.  It still turned out to be a killer little scarf though!  I love it!

Lacey Baktus


I also forgot to post this :

788 yards of laceweight singles

Laceweight singles from this scrumptious Hedgehog Fibres (www.hedgehogfibres.etsy.com) 50/50 merino/silk combed top!

Silk/Merino top in Hold Your Breath

It is rapidly becoming a Bitterroot shawl (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter09/KSPATTbitterroot.php).  I am trying to finish it before I leave for Mexico, because I desperately want to wear it in Cabo, but I don’t know if I will make it or not!

I have had a recent obsession with spinning singles. Laceweight singles.  I am not thrilled with my results thus far, but I think that I am on the right track.

I spun my greenish-yellow handdyed swBFL (“Grassy Knoll”) up into this:

300+ yards, singles, heavy laceweight

The color is a little off, I need to take better pictures. It actually spun up into a lovely apple green. I also spun up the Dragonfly Fibers (http://www.etsy.com/shop/dragonflyfiberdesign) merino/silk roving in Eureka-also some lovely bluish greens & gold-into laceweight singles. After setting the twist last night, I just need a little sunlight to take some pictures. 

Finally, the ratio of yarn/fiber into the house to yarn/fiber out of the house reached critical mass–ie., the husband noticed the steady stream of packages in and the overflowing bins.  Lake is happiest when there is a more equal ratio of in to out.  Ergo, if I want to keep spinning and dyeing, I need to part with some of the results.  Since my spinning obsession has cut into my knitting time (and yes, he has noticed that his cashmere vest is still unfinished and poor Suzy is wondering where her cardigan is!) I am not going to be able to knit up all this handspun.  So to make a long story short, I opened an Etsy shop yesterday. http://www.etsy.com/shop/micamynx

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