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Since my last post I have gone koo-koo nutty with fiber. I popped over to Earth Guild in Asheville last week with the thoughts of buying another drop spindle. Instead, I left with a pound of Australian merino top-undyed and an ounce or so of undyed Tussah silk.  I haven’t had the nerve to touch the silk yet, but I started dyeing the merino. With food coloring. But before I get to the dyeing-I managed to start plying yarn! What a difference it makes! So the purple roving from Spinner’s Hill that was singles in the last post turned into this:

Only about 80 some yards though (which seems rather pathetic, but I am still learning!). That yarn became this:

My first knitted project from my first handspun!  I learned how to make an Andean bracelet (complete with purple finger!)Then I plied the Huggybear roving and got this (nearly 110 yards this time!):

Still pretty unintentionally thick & thin, but getting much better.  Then I spun & plied some Merino/Bamboo roving from Squoosh in Arctic:

I also got some MCN roving from Squoosh too, but I don’t want to mess with it until I can safely spin sock yarn.  All in all though, I am pleased with my spinning progress.

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