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I had a ton of busy things to do today, but I managed to squeeze in some photos of my spinning efforts-

The Hedgehog Fibres superwash merino got plied. I nplied it into this gorgeous fingering weight.
I love Hedgehog Fibres in general. Her yarns are lush and gorgeous and her fibers are sublime. The superwash merino is so soft & shiny that it feels like merino/silk when spinning.

I also plied some Rogue Adventures merino with some The Plucky Knitter superwash merino. I have had both of these for awhile and finally realized that they matched each other perfectly. I used a single of each and chain plied with the 2 singles held together.

It makes a fat, bulky round yarn that is nice & light.

And I snagged this BFL/Silk braid that I dyed out of my shop (it hadn’t sold, so it got spun!)
I spun it in a color progression & nplied it for 372 yards of light fingering weight.

Yesterday I went about photographing various knitting & spinning & crochet projects strewn about my house. I also took some photos of some of my favorite things in my house. Ergo, hodgepodge.

The Shetland singles becoming a shawl:

Dining room chair I re-covered

Sunspot Rico

Tin by front door that I desperately want to fill with something!

Love this plate, the Cabo vase & my witch ball from my first law office


Yoke of nearly finished preemie cardigan, complete with homemade yarn button

Go to socks on coffee table

Striped alpaca blanket on couch (I knit this in bulky alpaca yarn in a basketweave pattern and then slightly felted it-it is so soft, but no longer unbearably sheddy)

Crochet with leftover handspun yarns. I keep making these medallions and squares and strips thinking that one day they will become a scrap afghan

A bobbin of superwash merino singles (Hedgehog Fibres) resting on the bobbin before plying

Oops, I have neglected ye olde blog. When things get a bit hectic around here, the blog is one of the first things to go. I have been too busy to dye any fiber (which sucks, because I have only gotten to play with my new dye colors once!) but I have been spinning & knitting!

I finished my handspun Bitterroot shawl! It turned out beautifully and hopefully I will be wearing it this Saturday to the Heart Ball (my gown is a cream colored strapless crepe-I think the shawl will be pretty with it!)

Bitterroot shawl-handspun merino/silk singles

Next, I managed to crank out my first pair of handspun handknit socks! I used the merino/cashmere/nylon yarn from the Squoosh combed top in Voltage-

Handspun socks


The pattern is Handspun Show-Off socks (free in Ravelry) and it is a neat little pattern. The heels & toes are done in short-row garter stitch, so no picking up stitches or decreasing gussets. It does involve more grafting at the toe, but totally worth it.

Close-up of the cool short row heel

I have been spinning daily (as usual!) and here are some of the goodies I have spun up!

Handspun yarns

Clockwise from upper left: JulieSpins BFL in Autumn Glory, JulieSpins 100% tussah silk in Antique Rose, BeeMiceElf Merino in Passion, Micamynx (ME!) handdyed merino/cashmere in Barnwood, and Gale’s Art merino in Crayon Box

I have been a little blogging-lax lately.  Work has picked up and made increasing demands on my days and as usual, I spend as much “free” time as possible dyeing, knitting, spinning and talking about those activities on Ravelry.  My new batch of dyes arrived the beginning of this week, so I spent a morning playing.  I was thrilled to discover that Picasa has a lovely collage option. So without futher ado, my dyed fiber:

Micamynx Handdyed Fiber

These are from top left: Lily Pond (BFL), Queen of Hearts (SW Merino), Turmoil (Targhee), & Murky Maraschino (SW Merino)

Middle row: Pumpkin Patch (BFL) and far right middle Butternut Squash (Merino/Cashmere)

Bottom row from Left: Sunny Sorrel(Merino/Cashmere), Leap Frog (SW Merino) Barnwood (merino/Cashmere) &  Old Rug (BFL)

I also spun up the AllSpunUp Wensleydale  for the SAL (well, 4oz of it anyway). It is gorgeous and the singles are so pretty:

AllSpunUp Wensleydale in Blaze, Singles 460 yards

I also spun up the Gale’s Art 50/50 Merino/Silk in Merry Go Round colorway.  This fiber was amazingly smooth and lovely to spin. I spun very thin singles (probably my finest yet) and navajo plied it to preserve the jewel tone colorway.  I put it up on my etsy shop (www.micamynx.etsy.com) but I may take it down & knit it up.  Maybe a pair of bright stripey luxe socks?

3 ply (nplied) 326 yards 15/16 wpi

I also have a bobbin of singles of the Into the Whirled Jan/Feb SAL fiber that have been “resting” and will soon be nav-plied:

Into the Whirled "A Warm Return" SAL fiber

And finally, I am a mere 4 rows from finishing the Bitterroot shawl. Cross your fingers. You can bet I will plaster pictures of that bad boy everywhere when I finally finish it!

I forgot to shamelessly post my completely Lacey Baktus scarf I finished over Christmas.  The yarn is my handspun BeeMiceElf merino in the Floribunda colorway.  I actually had this yarn listed for sale on the etsy shop (www.micamynx.etsy.com) and then I took it down so I could knit it up!  I think that may be my modus operandi-maybe I will start listing everything and if it doesn’t get snapped up, I will unlist it & knit it at will! This yarn striped beautifully at the beginning, but once the stripe mojo left, I couldn’t get it back.  It still turned out to be a killer little scarf though!  I love it!

Lacey Baktus


I also forgot to post this :

788 yards of laceweight singles

Laceweight singles from this scrumptious Hedgehog Fibres (www.hedgehogfibres.etsy.com) 50/50 merino/silk combed top!

Silk/Merino top in Hold Your Breath

It is rapidly becoming a Bitterroot shawl (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter09/KSPATTbitterroot.php).  I am trying to finish it before I leave for Mexico, because I desperately want to wear it in Cabo, but I don’t know if I will make it or not!

I started spinning the good stuff! Yep, I finally reached the end of my handdyed practice merino top and had to break into the good stash!

I spun up the last 4 oz. top in the bluesy blue and ended up with 150 yards of fairly consistent and not horribly lumpy/bumpy yarn.

So I decided to start with a Hedgehog Fibers roving (hedgehogfibres.etsy.com) First off, I love Hedgehog Fibres. LOVE. Did I mention LOVE?  Beatka (the dyer) is located in Ireland and dyes the most amazing yarns & fibers.  Her cashmere/merino base yarn is absolutely yummy.  This was a 50 silk/50 merino roving dyed in amazing colors. 

Spun into singles:

Plied onto itself:

To make 204 yards of this:

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