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All this lovely weather and sunny skies has me jonesing to dye some fiber. Unfortunately work has kept me from the dye pots. But hopefully soon. My friend Kim even sent me some undyed Wensleydale to try out. I love spinning Wensleydale, but I have not dyed it before. I also haven’t managed to knit any yet.

Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity, including prom for the 16 year old—

I got some awesome socks from Megan in MN (I knit her a shawl-she knit me socks) They are made from Bugga in Breyer’s Scarab Beetle. Yes, it is yarn named after various bugs. But it is scrumptious. It has 20% cashmere, unlike the usual MCN’s that have 10% cashmere so it is cuddly soft and the colors are amazing.

Arbitrary house photo….my favorite part of the kitchen

Close-up of the Wollmeise lace in “Orient”-tons of stockinette stitch, but I think it will be a lovely cardigan at some point-

And my first spin of Jacob wool. This is some mixed Jacob, dyed by the talented and super nice David of in the April club colorway “Charred”. I enjoyed the spin, but Jacob is a bit scratchy for my tastes.



Samantha drove the Xterra this weekend for about an hour. It was my first ride with her and it was not as terrifying as her father made it out to be (although to be fair, he drove with her in the bigger SUV). It seems likes ages ago when Kacy started driving but there were definite similiarities. A little bit of rough stops and starts. All in all, I had fun and I was glad to be labelled the “most calm” out of all her parents!

Lakey also wanted to try his hand at spinning. Unfortunately the only “boy” colors in wool I had was some food coloring overydyed merino that I cooked too long. It was definitely felted a bit. But Lakey still managed to spin up about 20 yards of thick, thin, coily yarn. He enjoyed it but I think he was frustrated by the coiling. He is on a campaign for me to knit him a felted fez. I was all set to order some Cascade 220 in red but last night he said he may want a green fez now. He is all excited about felting. I haven’t tried felting in the front-loading washer yet. Should be interesting.

I didn’t manage to snap any photos of Lakey spinning, but Keely had a go at the wheel last night after cheerleading. She managed to spin some pretty nice first-timer yarn. She spun up about an ounce or so of some food-coloring dyed pink merino top and then plied it with some purple singles I had on hand.

Keely's first spin

I managed to spin up the roving I purchased as SAFF, a 4oz. braid of merino/silk blend from Kate at Dragonfly Fibers.  Kate was shacked up at SAFF with the Sanguine Gryphon (home of my Bugga! obsession), but she had recently begun dyeing and selling her Djinni sock-the same base as Skinny Bugga (a lovely MCN blend).  I had scored some Djinni at her etsy site and grabbed another skein at SAFF.  After my spinning class, I made another mad dash around the arena and found myself back at the Sanguine Gryphon’s booth.  This roving caught my eye.  It was a lovely mixture of navy blue, ice blue, copper brown and a gorgeous clear neon-y green.  Here are the singles on the bobbin:

Dragonfly Fibers roving spun into singles

I am on the fence with plying. I think I really want to navajo ply this bobbin, but my first wheel navajo plying was not good!  I could nav-ply with the drop spindle, but my spindle can’t hold all this much, so my finished skein would have knots.  Or I could two-ply it, but I am afraid it will lose some of the beautiful color clearness, particularly that green!  Best case scenario would probably be to wait until my new “practice” wool arrives and practice my nav-plying on the wheel with that before attempting this.  But, I am such an instant gratification person, the thought of this yarn just hanging out on the bobbin for a week or so….


I spun up the Georgia O’Keefe dyeing attempt roving. This one:

Then I plied it with a single in a buttery yellow and got this:

I still have more of the GO’K attempt single, but ran out of the yellow to ply with. I will have to dye more because I only came up with about 33 yards of DK weight yarn.

I also made my first attempts at Navajo plying with some of my other leftover singles.  This is attempt number one:

I hope to get better at it quickly because I like the way the finished yarn looks without so much barberpoling. Plus the blue-green algae roving just screams to be Navajo plied.

I also started a pair of Marlenes’-a Cookie A sock pattern- in fat Tomato Frog Bugga! They are going to be thick and smooshy and RED!

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