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Seriously! This week has flown by and I have been busy with everything but fiber stuff. I did manage to start an eyelet yoke baby cardigan out of that gorgeous pink Madelinetosh Merino Lite


I also spun some yummy BFL/Silk from FatCatKnits This is the spin-a-long colorway Henry. On the bobbin:

And chain plied-356 yards of fingering weight


I had a ton of busy things to do today, but I managed to squeeze in some photos of my spinning efforts-

The Hedgehog Fibres superwash merino got plied. I nplied it into this gorgeous fingering weight.
I love Hedgehog Fibres in general. Her yarns are lush and gorgeous and her fibers are sublime. The superwash merino is so soft & shiny that it feels like merino/silk when spinning.

I also plied some Rogue Adventures merino with some The Plucky Knitter superwash merino. I have had both of these for awhile and finally realized that they matched each other perfectly. I used a single of each and chain plied with the 2 singles held together.

It makes a fat, bulky round yarn that is nice & light.

And I snagged this BFL/Silk braid that I dyed out of my shop (it hadn’t sold, so it got spun!)
I spun it in a color progression & nplied it for 372 yards of light fingering weight.

I won’t bore you with how ridiculously busy I have been, rather I will just try to catch up.

The latest finished project? These awesome gloves from the latest Knitty.com issue. Ringwood Gloves. I knit them in handspun from JulieSpins 75/25 BFL/silk fiber. A truly luscious blend that is soft with a bit of shine. I have ridiculous love for these gloves and already have another handspun pair on the needles.


See? Pair #2-this time in Dripping Fiber Studios BFL/Silk

And continuing on the BFL/Silk bandwagon-here is the first finished skein of JulieSpins BFL/SILK in “Stained Glass.” I have four braids of this and it is earmarked for a “simple tunic sweater” for my mom. If I hope to finish it by Christmas (which may be very wishful thinking!) I thought I better get spinning.


I also finished this BeeMiceElf handspun sweater. This is the December 2009 club colorway “Around the Mulberry” in 80/20 merino/silk. I still need to spin the 3rd braid and fix the hem & neckline. It needs to be a bit longer with a non-rolling hem and the neckline is too wide, it falls off my shoulders.

I have been dyeing and the etsy shop (www.micamynx.etsy.com) is fairly well stocked with more to come. These are some favorites:


Not the Falklands-but Falkland wool. I got this in a trade & even though the colors were not necessarily what I would have chosen, it was very pretty fiber. I spun it up for Ravelympics and got this:

150 Yards n-plied DK weight

From FatCatKnits in the colorway "Buster"

These are the 4 skeins=650 yards of sport weight yarn I spun 2 ply from JulieSpins Autumn Glory BFL braids. It turned out simply stunning! I definitely see a color progression shawl in the future once I figure out a pattern!

Ravelympics totals thus far:

Completed yarns: 4

Completed yards: 1,552

Ounces spun: 18oz.

I have been a little blogging-lax lately.  Work has picked up and made increasing demands on my days and as usual, I spend as much “free” time as possible dyeing, knitting, spinning and talking about those activities on Ravelry.  My new batch of dyes arrived the beginning of this week, so I spent a morning playing.  I was thrilled to discover that Picasa has a lovely collage option. So without futher ado, my dyed fiber:

Micamynx Handdyed Fiber

These are from top left: Lily Pond (BFL), Queen of Hearts (SW Merino), Turmoil (Targhee), & Murky Maraschino (SW Merino)

Middle row: Pumpkin Patch (BFL) and far right middle Butternut Squash (Merino/Cashmere)

Bottom row from Left: Sunny Sorrel(Merino/Cashmere), Leap Frog (SW Merino) Barnwood (merino/Cashmere) &  Old Rug (BFL)

I also spun up the AllSpunUp Wensleydale  for the SAL (well, 4oz of it anyway). It is gorgeous and the singles are so pretty:

AllSpunUp Wensleydale in Blaze, Singles 460 yards

I also spun up the Gale’s Art 50/50 Merino/Silk in Merry Go Round colorway.  This fiber was amazingly smooth and lovely to spin. I spun very thin singles (probably my finest yet) and navajo plied it to preserve the jewel tone colorway.  I put it up on my etsy shop (www.micamynx.etsy.com) but I may take it down & knit it up.  Maybe a pair of bright stripey luxe socks?

3 ply (nplied) 326 yards 15/16 wpi

I also have a bobbin of singles of the Into the Whirled Jan/Feb SAL fiber that have been “resting” and will soon be nav-plied:

Into the Whirled "A Warm Return" SAL fiber

And finally, I am a mere 4 rows from finishing the Bitterroot shawl. Cross your fingers. You can bet I will plaster pictures of that bad boy everywhere when I finally finish it!

I came across some patterns yesterday using small amounts of bulky yarn.  So I whipped the following:

That BFL I was tickled I didn’t felt?  I held it double and made this quick cowl:

Keely modeling the cowl

Close up of cowl

And remember my first wheel spun handspun? The crazy thick & thin stuff?

It became this cool chunky beret:

Close up of beret

These turned out so well, I decided to quick spin the Squoosh merino nice & thick to knit up some more quick berets and cowls.

It is drying now.

I was able to spin the BFL I thought I felted during the multiple dye process.  It actually turned out quite pretty, I think.

BFL-"Indecisive" 136 yards worsted weightIndecisive

Indecisive- BFL

I have some Hedgehog Fibres silk/merino half-spun, I am going to two ply it.  I am attempting yet again to make my first true 3 ply sock yarn, I dyed some MCN top the other day in bright turquoise & magentas and I divided it up into 3 equal parts. The first bobbin is finished and the second bobbin is about half finished.  I am excited to see if this will work.

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