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Imagine my chagrin when I noticed that my last blog post is entitled “Blog Neglect ends now”….erm months ago! Pathetic.
What’s up in my fibery little world? I have still been dyeing, spinning & knitting…with my usual little odd crochet projects thrown in for good measure. For some reason I never actually finish a crochet project. Weird. Here are some of the recent projects—

Even more hanspun Ringwood gloves

A handspun shawl using various odds & ends of different handspun:

Another handspun shawl–in my own dyed Finn-

And a stunning stole–from the new Interweave Knits magazine-the yarn is handspun, a lovely aplaca/merino/silk blend from AllSpunUp.

DSC04092 by micamynx
DSC04092, a photo by micamynx on Flickr.

More handspun Ringwood gloves.

I have it.  Seriously, ridiculous amounts of spinning fiber. I spent most of the day today catching up on my stash photos, and finding room for all the fiber.  Yikes!  And I still want more.

I managed to finish the Saroyan shawl/scarf I started out of the Ashland Bay handspun.

Saroyan scarf/shawl in handspun

And I spun up another bunch of Hedgehog Fibres luscious merino/silk (50/50) fiber. I left it as fingering weight singles and ended up with about 788 yards.  It is drying now, so pictures later.

I was able to spin the BFL I thought I felted during the multiple dye process.  It actually turned out quite pretty, I think.

BFL-"Indecisive" 136 yards worsted weightIndecisive

Indecisive- BFL

I have some Hedgehog Fibres silk/merino half-spun, I am going to two ply it.  I am attempting yet again to make my first true 3 ply sock yarn, I dyed some MCN top the other day in bright turquoise & magentas and I divided it up into 3 equal parts. The first bobbin is finished and the second bobbin is about half finished.  I am excited to see if this will work.
I think I made some camo yarn.  At least that was the first thing I thought of when I started plying this yarn. What do you think?

214 yards superwash merino handdyed

Here is the full skein picture (before setting the twist, so overlook those twisty spots & the poor skein job!)

Camo skein

Regardless, it looks like manly yarn to me.

I also realized I forgot to blog photo the latest Dragonfly Fibers silk/merino roving I spun up. In the Eureka colorway (greens & golds). This is heavy laceweight singles

Eureka-silk/merino singles 552 yards

It is very pretty, but I am getting a little “greened” out.

I have had a recent obsession with spinning singles. Laceweight singles.  I am not thrilled with my results thus far, but I think that I am on the right track.

I spun my greenish-yellow handdyed swBFL (“Grassy Knoll”) up into this:

300+ yards, singles, heavy laceweight

The color is a little off, I need to take better pictures. It actually spun up into a lovely apple green. I also spun up the Dragonfly Fibers (http://www.etsy.com/shop/dragonflyfiberdesign) merino/silk roving in Eureka-also some lovely bluish greens & gold-into laceweight singles. After setting the twist last night, I just need a little sunlight to take some pictures. 

Finally, the ratio of yarn/fiber into the house to yarn/fiber out of the house reached critical mass–ie., the husband noticed the steady stream of packages in and the overflowing bins.  Lake is happiest when there is a more equal ratio of in to out.  Ergo, if I want to keep spinning and dyeing, I need to part with some of the results.  Since my spinning obsession has cut into my knitting time (and yes, he has noticed that his cashmere vest is still unfinished and poor Suzy is wondering where her cardigan is!) I am not going to be able to knit up all this handspun.  So to make a long story short, I opened an Etsy shop yesterday. http://www.etsy.com/shop/micamynx

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